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SURF Consultants Limited

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SURF Consultants started its journey with the expertise drawn from financial services having long tail professional experiences including entrepreneur from a large business house. Such pool of expertise are in a position catering to the diversified needs of small to large entities. We, the entrepreneur and professionals have joined together to be more insightful of the varied needs of the organizations so that we can tailor our offerings in a way that would help the clients in easing out their problems by leaving it to our team.We feel, the clients do need end to end solution in order for them to have a mental solace from the beginning to the end, through our service. Our team believes in developing the relationship to be like ‘partnership’ with the clients growing together as a win-win situation at both ends.SURF has got a delivery-oriented team, with senior leadership expertise in Financial Consultancy, Project and Trade Finance from Foreign & Local sources, Portfolio Management, Credit Rating, property inspection & valuation.and market research.Our consultants with vast experience would help you to deliver a successful strategy leading to its implementation. Throughout this time, we would maintain focused on meeting the client’s needs.By collaborating closely with our team and by harnessing our own knowledge, a business house can strongly position itself for the future.Our Services: 1. Private Equity Advisory2. IPO Advisory3.Structured Finance Advisory4.Trade Finance Arrangement5. Foreign Loan Advisory

AAA Finance & Investment Ltd.

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AAA Finance & Investment Limited (AAA) is one of the reputed Merchant Bankers in Bangladesh. Since 1991, the organization started functioning and working in the field of capital market in the country as a financial intermediary.During the last three decades, AAA has been successful in positioning itself as a progressive and dynamic merchant banker in the country. As a result, the organization has been widely acclaimed by the large, medium and small industrial enterprises, business community and traders and has been able to create an image and earned significant reputation in the country’s capital market as a reliable merchant banker and issue manager.The organization is headed by a highly experienced team who is directly and exclusively associated in the field since 1980. The Key executors of AAA are comprised of efficient personnel, in terms of education and training in different aspects of finance, investment, merchant banking and management.AAA has also an advisory team who are comprised of highly skilled and professional personnel in Bangladesh. The organization has enriched its professionalism with their technical and financial advisory support in day to day operation as well as in forecasting and building future prospects.Bangladesh is a growing economy with substantial investment requirements from private and public enterprises especially in, but not limited to, the infrastructure, resorts, telecommunication and energy sectors. AAA was established in Dhaka to participate in this development by helping to mobilize capital from domestic as well as international sources. Within a very short span of time, AAA developed an excellent working relationship with most of the financial institutions and corporations in Bangladesh.Bangladesh is anticipating higher growth through the continuation of the reform process, deregulation, privatization and optimum use of internal and external resources. AAA is at the forefront of providing solutions to some of the continuous funding requirements to support this growth.Since 1991, AAA has been performing very successfully in managing public issues, underwriting, corporate & financial advisory services and especially in establishing industrial enterprises through raising of funds. So far it managed a remarkable number of issues and also mobilized funds more than BDT 700.00 Billion.Our Mission is to mitigate the diversified financial needs of the visionary entrepreneurs ensuring the best management of local and foreign investments through uncompromising due diligence. We are dedicated to maintaining a partnership of trust with the recognized contributors to the economy of Bangladesh and achieving recognition as an international Investment Bank. We are in pursuit of building entrepreneurship through providing world-class Corporate, Investment and Financial Consultancy to the future leaders of Bangladesh.